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Pixal is a HTML5 banner and ad creator that creates interactive banners and graphics with some amazing features built in. It has a full media library with over 250,000 graphics to use in designs with more being added all the time. Pixal will bring your graphics and banners to life. It comes complete with a rotation engine, split tester, embed, popup creator and much much more

Im sure you have heard all the buzz about Pixal the brand new HTML 5 graphics app that has just launched. Well for a very limited time you can get $10 with this coupon 10offpixal . The creators of this program are long term online marketers with over 40 years online experience between them.

When doing the tests with this brand new ad technology they found that clicks from their new banners and graphics increased by over 300% in multiple tests. Yep you read that right, same traffic, but more clicks to your offers. The great thing about this software is that it not only builds the banners and graphics, but it hosts them for you too, you can also add them into the campaign manager (which they are now including as a bonus for free). In there you can split test, rotate, check clicks and much more, of any banners and graphics you create.

Here’s my 10 Reasons why YOU need to get Pixal today:

  • Pixal Totally drag and drop
  • Geo IP personalise the banners and ads
  • Add in Google maps
  • Add in autoresponder forms
  • Pixal Create campaigns and split test
  • Tons of different fonts to use
  • Animated text
  • Pixal Add video to the banners/graphics
  • Add shapes and edit them
  • Built in 3D button creator
  • Add in live Shopify buttons


Design is for most the hardest aspect of marketing. It’s why you make no money. It’s why people perceive your brand as low quality. It’s something you can’t figure out because it’s an art. Stunning designs usually require & result in

  1. An expensive design team
  2. An expensive design team still designing poor quality
  3. An elongated process
  4. A requirement to go through this painstaking process again & again

Well, those used to be the rules but Richard Fairbairn, Chris Jenkins and Paul Okeeffe has just turned design into a science. They have just launched an amazing graphics application that has been in development for over one year.

Pixal itself is pretty amazing, but what makes this even more special is that they are giving away a reseller license on the front end. So you don’t need to buy tons of up-sells to get to the resellers license its included as a bonus on the front end offer.

  • Resell Pixal as and keep 100% of the profits
  • Get full resellers pack
  • Get sales page and delivery page
  • Full graphics pack included
  • Unlimited licenses for you to resell
  • Save $147 when you buy Pixal TODAY!

But they say its very limited so you need to act now if you want this. Do you think it would be easy to sell this new software… Pixal Is Sending Shockwaves Through The Traffic World. Discover How It’s Helping Website Owners 
Engage More Traffic. Make More Sales And Make Your Website Infinitely More Clickable!

I also wanted to tell you about an amazing extra bonus they have just literally added at the last moment, and that is a full reseller license on the front end. This was going to be an up-sell but they have included it as part of the front end and as an extra bonus if you act quickly.

Plus take a look at the unique bonuses I have for you when you purchase Pixal through my link which will empower your copy of Pixal to a whole new level.

Seemore at http://dope-review.com/pixal-review/

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