By: tranllong1 | November 18, 2020

iVidz is a cloud-based interactive video player & hosting platform that lets anyone regardless of skill or experience, maximize video engagement & conversions for any marketing goal, faster & easier than ever before possible.

While marketers may THINK they’re engaging their audience with video, usually it’s the opposite: Most of the time they’re actually ANNOYING their viewers. Regular video forces people to watch 3 … 5 … 10 minutes of stuff they’re NOT interested in. Just to get the answer or info they actually want. Result? Your viewers stop watching before you can get to the pitch. Engagement, clicks & conversions tank. Even your best videos don’t generate you the profits they should. So What’s The Answer? Well it’s NOT to shorten your videos to a minute or less, unless you’d rather grow your TikTok following than make money.

But there IS a real world solution for making your viewers happy AND getting exponentially higher engagement & conversions. From videos you already have plus any you make in the future. An interactive video solution designed specifically for digital marketers, that would: Be extremely fast & easy for even beginners to use. Offer unlimited versatility for ANY kind of video marketing campaign. Play your videos perfectly across all devices including mobile. Be available for a one-time price lower than anything else on the market. Introducing iVidz.

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Turn Any Video Into A Powerful Automation Engine That Skyrockets Clicks, Leads & Sales In Just 3 Steps:

  • Step 1: Start: Login to the cloud-based app. Generate interactive video campaigns for any goal: lead generation, affiliate promo, product sales, branding, customer support and more. Even MIX & MATCH multiple goals within a single interactive campaign!
  • Step 2: Customize: Use the drag & drop visual editor to effortlessly customize your campaign. Provide unlimited “branches” with multiple options that explode engagement & conversions while giving viewers full control of their experience. Upload videos directly into a campaign & include urls to ANY page or offer you want to promote
  • Step 3: Share: Publish your iVidz interactive video to any website, sales or squeeze page, blog, eCom store and more. Direct link to social profiles, pages & groups. The built-in, mobile optimized player and included hosting ensures your videos will perform perfectly on any device.

It’s a breakthrough interactive video platform for marketers of all levels. And even though they could easily charge several hundred dollars for what this does, it would still be an amazing value. But during this 1st ever public launch, you get ongoing access to the revolutionary iVidz platform for an amazing discount.

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