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ZKart is the world’s most powerful online cart system. It is cloud-based, and has everything you need to create highly profitable online carts with funnels and checkout pages in one easy-to-use system.  And it can do a lot(!)more.

You know 28% of shoppers abandon their orders due to a complicated or drawn-out checkout process. 35% The average ecommerce site can increase conversion rates by improving their checkout design. 35% of transactions are lost when websites require users to create accounts before purchasing. 260$ billion is recoverable through improved checkout processes. 54% of shoppers say they would purchase abandoned items if those items were offered at a lower price later and 26% of them will complete the checkout process after seeing a retargeted ad. 24% of companies with over 1,000 employees spend 50% or more of their marketing budget on retargeting.

Follow Up the Cart Abandoners On The Fly And Make More Money. You can export that list of abandonors and re-market a new offer to them or just follow up. This option alone could help boost your bottom line exponentially. Have Amazing Checkout Pages At Your Fingertips You know how some people want a little reassurance when they order? Well ZKart helps to deliver that to your potential customers with outstanding checkout pages. By tapping into these selection of pages, you’ll push your sales goals over the top without a hitch!

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This is the first software of its kind that lets you accept payments in bitcoin and ethereum. If you’ve been watching for the last 2 years, then I’m sure you already know that Bitcoin is HUGE. There’s been such a major explosion in cryptocurrency that it’s hard to ignore now as a major source of payment. But even with that being said, it’s still hard to find an all in one marketing solution that lets you accept payments like you would a credit card.

And that’s why they stepped up their game with zKart. They wanted to be innovative and let marketers and business owners accept payment without hindrance in these two major currencies. (and others to come soon). And just to mention…this is ESPECIALLY great for those people who have trouble getting accepted to major merchant processors. Now anyone can take advantage of crypto payments with ease and zKart makes it possible for your business. Get It Now.

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