By: tranllong1 | February 18, 2019

Wp Video Machine is plugin turns every blog post on your site into a talking Video and gets you unlimited traffic and backlinks from Youtube automatically. Did you know that you can now turn any blog post on your site into a Talking video in just 1-Click? Without using any complicated video software, Without having to create images or video elements, having to find music or record voice overs. All that can be done in just 1-click.

Youtube is the 2nd biggest site on the internet and if you are just focussing on Google for traffic – you are missing out. WP Video Machine takes the same content you have on your site and turns it into a video so you can now get traffic from 2 Sources. Google & Youtube at the same time, from the same content. Not just that but Youtube also has the Biggest SEO value for you because you can also get Unlimited backlinks from Youtube directly. Youtube is one of the biggest sites in the world. Google owns it. If you want Google to love you more, you have to add video to your site. If you want to double your traffic, you need to double your sources.

WP Video Machine automatically posts a link back to your site for every video is posts for you. Which means you automatically get a backlink for every video, therefore giving you Extra SEO Value and getting you higher rankings automatically. Without any manual work, without complicated video software & without having to waste hours recording audio etc. All that can now be automated – Thanks to Wp Video Machine. It makes creating Videos From Your Content as Easy as 1-2-3:

Step 1: Add the WP Video Machine Plugin to Your WordPress Site.

Step 2: Select The Blog Post From Your Site That You Want to Turn into a Video.

Step 3: Just Press One Button. Your Video Gets Created in Minutes & Uploaded to Youtube Automatically.

It’s time to double your traffic sources. Double Your Leads & Double Your Sales. Start turning your blog posts into Videos for unlimited traffic and backlinks at zero extra cost to you.There is a special deal active right now and you will get it at the lowest possible price. Use WP Video Machine for unlimited sites and create unlimited videos. That is what you can do today, so hurry up & get your Unlimited License today.

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