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WP Quick Promote is A Simple & Easy Way To Create Bridge Pages, Allows Your Customers To Post Their Affiliate Links On FB Without Them Being Blocked, Sales Copy Made By A Six-Figure Copywriter. And WP Quick Promote Includes Affiliate Marketing Training & Expert Interviews At No Extra Cost.

You’re most likely on this page because you’re interested driving more traffic from FB in order to make more commissions with affiliate marketing. But let me ask you a question. Has your internet marketing journey gone as planned?

Facebook is a great traffic source to monetize for extra affiliate commissions, but it can become a huge pain when Facebook blocks your affiliate links. The issue? It sometimes worked, but FB eventually caught on and blocked my links. The software was WAY harder than it should’ve been to set-up & use. The software would stop working when WP got updated.

After searching for a solution that was not there, I realized The solution wouldn’t be there unless I set out to make the solution MYSELF. However, I’m no coding expert, so I decided to hire a top WP developer to make the software for me. Originally,  I was going to use this for myself, but decided to share it with public after discovering how game-changing it was. With my brand new, easy to use WP software, you can post your affiliate links on FB without them ever being blocked again, so you can start earning affiliate commissions! And you can get access to this software starting right now.

WP Quick Promote Review

The great new is that Richard Butler has come out with a solution that fixes this problem. This is WP Quick Promote. The first thing you realise is the ease in which you can set it up.  A video tutorial is provided so even I couldn’t go wrong. Then just create your first promotion.  You just need an affiliate or product link, a Headline and a youtube video ID. You can even change the text on the call to action button.

Fight Back & Finally Tap Into FB Traffic, In Just 3 Simple Steps…

Install WP Quick Promote On Your WP Website (Works With Any Theme)

Insert A Headline, Video, Affiliate Link & Call To Action

Share The Link To Your Promotion Page & Start Earning Commissions!

WP Quick Promote is truely next level and the training is tops! All in all, a terrific, easy to use plugin that I recommend to any affiliate or internet marketer. It is so easy to use and with the training you provide it will surely be one of the top tools in every marketers toolbox. Even a complete newbie can make money with this plugin as long as they take action. Right now you can get it for under $10 (if you hurry) and it comes with the ability to put it on unlimited domains you own.

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