By: tranllong1 | September 11, 2019

WP News Ranker is Fully Automated WordPress Plugin That Ranks Your Site On Page #1 For Popular Searches In Your Niche! Get 100% Original “Trending” Content For Your Site Every Day.

Ranking your site on page #1 for popular search, in your niche, is the most important thing you can do for your business BY FAR. But HOW do you do it? The sad truth these days is that it seems there are no shortcuts to ranking on page #1. 5-10 years ago just about anyone could spam backlinks, do some SEO and rank their site effectively. But the problem is Google got wise to that. And that’s why online marketing has become so HARD.

It’s true. Don’t beat yourself up if you haven’t had results ranking your site so far, because in 2019 Google is SMART. Simply spamming some backlinks and installing an SEO plugin will not rank your site. These days it’s more true than ever that Google only rewards QUALITY websites with higher rankings. And to Google quality means you posting masses and masses of original content on a regular basis. When ranking your site on page #1 of Google, “regular original content” is THE most important thing you need. Don’t just take it from me. Listen to what Google themselves say about how they reward site owners who create regular original content for their sites. Creating original content for your site “is what helps build your site’s reputation with both users and Google”.

And that “Creating compelling and useful content will likely influence your website more than any other factors”. But you don’t want to rank your site for just any random keywords. Anyone can do that. For BIG TRAFFIC you need to rank for things people are actually searching for! Just about anyone can rank well for obscure long tail keywords. But what’s the use of that?

WP News Ranker Review

“There’s no point in ranking on page #1 for things no-one ever searches for.” So not only do you need original content. You need original content that matches up with what people are actually searching for right now. You need content that is trending right now. you need content that is “in the news.” But of course creating all this content is really boring and time consuming. And HOW are you supposed to know what content to write about anyway? A software that would create totally original content for your site every day. Introducing WP News Ranker.

It’s so EASY. Get started in 3 simple steps:

  • Step 1: Install and activate the plugin.
  • Step 2: Choose your content sources from our MASSIVE library of thousands of popular news sites.
  • Step 3: Let the plugin go to work finding you great trending content. Then simply click post to get a 100% unique new post created for you!

Just imagine you could install this theme on ANY website you have and start seeing big jumps in your Google ranking with almost no work! But act fast because the price is rising all the time, so you need to jump in now to get the best possible deal. Don’t miss out on this one! Get WP News Ranker Now.

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