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WP Content Factory is a WordPress plugin that allows you to fill your sites with fresh traffic-pulling content fast.

Getting your site to rank highly on Google is the “holy grail” of internet marketing. And When it comes to ranking your site and getting that sweet Google search traffic. “Regular Original Content” is what you need. Just imagine how easy your life would be if your site was sitting on page#1 of Google right now. Introducing WP Content Factory. With this software, you will be able to create real human-readable Content, on any subject or topic, within just minutes. Content that flow and read well, but also get crawled, indexed and ranked in Google… and bring in lots of visitors from Google, organically.

WP Content Factory Review

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps. It’s Your Fast Lane To 100% Automated CONTENT Sites:

STEP #1: Choose Which Content Sources To Use: Integrate with 12 most popular content sources including: Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Pinterest, Amazon, eBay, Flickr, Craigslist, Careerjet, Dailymotion, Itunes and Vimeo. A detailed behind-the-shoulder tutorial is included.
STEP #2: Select What Type Of Content You Want: Now you’re ready to line up some content for your site. Simply point the plugin to topics and niches that you want your sites to focus on.
STEP #3: Monetize Your Site With Affiliate Links & Ads: Insert affiliate links to relevant products from Amazon, eBay or any affiliate program of your choice. OR profit with Adsense by inserting your banner code.

WP Content Factory even SPINS the content on-the-fly before posting it to your site. Having 100s of new articles every week on your site can be amazing for you – you’ll get MORE TRAFFIC. There are 12 premium content sources that you can use with WP Content Factory and generate FRESH content every hour of every single day automatically on your site.

Not just that, you can even monetize this fresh content using ads, affiliate links and banners to earn passive income from your blogs. No matter what niche you are in – this works for any kind of site in any category out there. Remember… Content drives the internet, if you have an online business, the presence or want one, then you need high quality fresh and unique content. So take action today and download your copy of WP Content Factory right now & build passive income sites today.

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