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Vidyz 2.0 is a new and improved Video system designed for you to be able to host your marketing videos and play them on your own website OR on cloud-based SEO optimized pages WITHOUT losing traffic to external links like Youtube has on them.

Video Marketing Is Hotter Than Ever In 2020. Despite – or likely BECAUSE of – the popularity of video … Major platforms shifted the tables to stack the deck in their favor and in the process made it harder than ever for independent marketers to get results from video. In spring of 2018 youtube eliminated some of its biggest benefits for marketers. Google Eliminates Autoplay. Google struck a huge blow to marketers by removing the ability to autoplay videos. This translated into a massive decline in views, clicks and sales. At this point they simply accepted this as a change that everyone was going through. BUT IT GOT WORSE.

In late 2018 YouYube made it so that you could no longer turn off “Related Videos” when someone either paused a video or got to the end. That meant that even if you spent all your time, energy, and money getting someone to your page to watch your video, Youtube was going to take that traffic AWAY from your website.

Vidyz 2.0 Review

When someone paused your video it offered MULTIPLE ways for them to click over to Youtube.  In a nutshell, YouTube wants to direct as much traffic as possible back to its own website. By forcing you to show ‘related’ videos with multiple links back to YouTube … It increases ad revenue by pulling people away from your links & calls-to-action. The new Vidyz 2.0 system is live! This means you can  copy their EXACT system with a PROVEN software that actually works.

YouTube is a great platform, and we love it, but let’s be honest they are a business and a social network. Their primary goal is to make money for themselves. They do this by pulling traffic from other peoples’ websites to their website by having all kinds of links in your videos back to them. That’s fine, if you want to be social, but if you want to make money you can’t have some other business leaching your traffic away. Make 2020 YOUR year with the most POWERFUL video marketing system created BY marketers FOR marketers. Get Vidyz 2.0 Right Now before the price increases.

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