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Thumbnail Monster is a design package that consists of 300+ youtube thumbnail templates (in powerpoint format) that are ready to be edited in order to create UNLIMITED number of professional and attractive thumbnails to explode your video traffic.

Youtube is now the world’s second largest search engine and third most visited site after Google and Facebook so, it’s not a BIG secret that everyone desires HUGE traffic from Youtube. The problem is, even if you have fantastic video content, you will never be able to maximize your views (and $$$) if your thumbnails are not as attractive as your competitors. It looks so simple but that’s one of their secret recipes to be successful.

Now you know, if you  still do not use the right thumbnails, you will be left behind by other  youtubers. The worst thing is, you can even be beaten by the new competitors who know how to use the right thumbnails. Unfortunately, for those with little or no designing skill, creating an attractive thumbnail can be very confusing and complicated with these TWO “painful” alternatives to choose :

Wasting your time to learn about designing thumbnails using complicated software: Using photoshop or another designing software will require a lot of your time. Even when you have already learned the necessary basic skills, if you  do not have the sense of art, the result will not be as what have been expected.

Thumbnail Monster Review

Keep paying $$$ for Youtube Thumbnail Design Service: Paying $$$ for someone to design your youtube thumbnail is the fastest and easiest thing to get the thumbnails you want. The problem is, if you keep doing it, you will surely spend a lot of money.

I know, both alternatives are not interesting AT ALL. So, What if I say that there’s third alternative to solve your problem? Introducing a new solution is Thumbnail Monster.

The best thing about Thumbnail Monster is to create one attractive youtube thumbnail, you ONLY need:

  • Step 1: Choose Template: Choose 1 out of 300+ templates inside Thumbnail Monster.
  • Step 2: Edit and Customize: Change the text, color and image. You can even add your own images.
  • Step 3: Export and Publish: Save the image. Now, the image is ready to be your (or your clients’) youtube thumbnails.

After seeing the quality of templates inside Thumbnail Monster, you must have thought that the price will “rob” you, BUT don’t you worry! because Thumbnail Monster is offered at very affordable price. Grab if fast since the price increases every sale.

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