By: tranllong1 | November 21, 2020

Storey is a brand new software that leverages the power of customer experience combined with a sleek ‘testimonial’ widget that can be added to any website. Transform boring ‘text-only’ testimonials into sexy, authentic social proof ‘story’ videos that engage prospects and increase conversions.

You know reviews are the single most impactful conversion factor for any product. Everyone these days looks at reviews before deciding whether or not to buy. The problem is, HOW and WHERE they place theirr reviews is actually causing you to lose sales. Think about it. Testimonials/Reviews are still displaying in boring, out-dated and text-only boxes.

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Not only that, they’re displayed FAR AWAY from your buy button (so your visitor has to scroll up and down to view and buy your product/service). It makes no sense. Now, imagine visitors viewing your best testimonials/reviews as highly-engaging Video stories right before checking out… Not even having to scroll down. Instead, a very familiar “story” widget right below your ‘Buy Now’ button… So they can checkout immediately after viewing.

Wouldn’t that make it EASIER to not only display your reviews, but to make sales too? According to Mark Zuckerberg, stories are on track to overtake posts in the Feed as the most common way that people share across all social apps. On Facebook and Instagram, 500 million people open stories DAILY. So it begs the question. Why don’t they use the very same medium (stories) to display their BEST reviews and testimonials before a customer buys on their websites? Well, it simply didn’t exist before. Meet Storey. Storey allows you to use the most engaging medium right now to increase sales stories.

Transform your testimonials in 3 simple steps:

  • Step #1: Transform Customer Testimonials into Authentic Video Stories: Use your customers previous testimonials to create engaging videos that tell your customers story.
  • Step #2: Add Your Storey Widget To Your Website: Embed eye catching testimonials to your website with copy paste ease.
  • Step #3: Then Simply Watch Your Conversions Increase: These social elements increase conversions, advertise your customers positive feedback about your products and help to convince your visitors to buy.

Every time you get a new review it’s the same process: Hire a designer to make it look nice. Pay a developer to add it to your website without breaking your code. Make sure it looks good on all devices. This is costing your time & money. With Storey, each time you get a new review you can simply log in, copy and paste it in and it’ll make it into a high-converting video story for you (and it will automatically be published to your widget). This means you save so much time and money. Right now you can get access to Storey with FULL commercial rights (ONLY during this special launch) without upgrading. Get It Now.

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