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Speaq is the world’s first AI bot for intuitively creating amazing marketing videos for all social platforms in ALL formats. Interact with Speaq, answer his questions and have an amazing video delivered to you by the end of the conversation. It’s impressive that Speaq can create videos from a simple conversation. But there’s something else he has up his sleeve!

Inside their Speaq account, you will get a shareable link. When clicked, this nifty link will open Speaq. The result? you can share this link with your customers/clients and Speaq will create a perfect video based on their exact answers – and get paid in the process! That’s complete automated fulfilment! Speaq allows you to sell videos on autopilot!

This is holding you back. All video building platforms launched up until now have simply focused on one part of video marketing. The making of the video. They’re built with pre-made templates, but the manual process and headaches are basically still there. Any of this sound familiar?

  • Spend hours finding a template.
  • Tediously fill in multiple text fields and price points.
  • Upload images, edit colors and add a background audio track.
  • Double check that your content fits and doesn’t overlap anywhere.

Hit render and hope nothing overlapped and the video actually looks like the template. Spend more time on painful edits and revisions. Not only that, everyone is using the same templates on these platforms. So no video is every truly unique. This is the life-cycle of a video marketer using these video builders.

I’d like you to Meet Speaq – where AI technology merges with video marketing. Speaq simplifies video creation in the easiest way possible – through a conversation!

Speaq review

Video marketing is expensive. Whether you’re outsourcing your video animation or editing, or using MULTIPLE video creation tools (often with monthly subscription fees), it eats into your monthly budget. A buddy recommended I check out a new software called ‘Speaq’. It’s an automated AI bot that guides you to your very own done-for-you marketing video through a simple conversation.

Most video builders focus on 1 thing, and 1 thing only. The making of the video. But what about after that? You spend hundreds to thousands of dollars to try and market that video to bring in leads and sales, right? This is something most marketers struggle with.

Well this is kinda were Speaq turns from a ‘video builder’ into a video marketing machine. So instead of paying multiple subscriptions for multiple tools. He gives you a unique link. You can share that link anywhere. Anyone who clicks that link, is able to have their own conversation with the Speaq AI bot. Speaq will:

  • Create a video for them based on THEIR answers.
  • Deliver their video to them.
  • AND collect a payment before they can download their video.

So by sharing one link, you’re automating video creation, delivery and payments! This not only makes you money by sharing one link, you save a ton too. Plus you save time and money by sharing one link to create videos, deliver those videos and get paid without:

  • Use MULTIPLE video creation tools to create a video.
  • Hire/outsource anyone for video creation again.
  • Spend hundreds on marketing your video for traffic and sales.
  • Having to interview any clients and customers for what they want in their video.
  • Having to make the actual video for them.
  • Having to send them a payment form.
  • Having to make revisions.
  • Having to deliver the video to them.

So by using your secure link, your clients make their own dream videos themselves and pay you from right inside the app! Automated creation, delivery, sales. Everything done for you. Sound too good to be true? Check it out below to see for yourself.

SeeMore at https://dope-review.com/speaq-review/

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