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Social Scaling Formula is a video training series covering the exact unique and proven scaling strategies Jeremy and Brad Stephens use in their own business (there will be a lot of proof on the sales page). They realize that not everyone has the resources to even achieve a profitable FB ad to begin scaling, so they’ve decided to include a full video course on their unique and alternative targeting methods so that you really have an “all-in-one” FB ads course that will set you up for success in ANY niche.

After the success of their launch of Broad Targeting Formula 2.0 (which was promoted by some of the biggest Facebook affiliates due to the high caliber of content), Jeremy and Brad Stephens decided to look beyond JUST targeting and reveal the exact scaling strategies Jeremy has used to scale one of his e-commerce stores from just $200k per year to $500k+ per month (the best part is that these strategies apply to ANY niche). If you’ve run FB ads before, you know that once you have a profitable ad, scaling that ad is a real art form. Usually, scaling incorrectly kills the ad completely, leaving you discouraged and at best breaking even.

Social Scaling Formula Will Do This For You In 3 Easy Steps:

Step 1: Get access to Social Scaling Formula
Step 2: COPY their unique Scaling Formula inside and USE their spy tools
Step 3: Drive INSTANT buying traffic and see the results immediately


You might be sick of talk about Facebook and social media advertising right now. Everyone and their mother has a system for it. But NONE have a focus on Scaling up so effective that you get to cut your Facebook workload in half or more. Meaning up to 500% increase in your return on Facebook advertising (this has been PROVEN)…

The most important thing you can do for your business is effectively use social media advertising. Because you can sell anything, to anyone. The targeting options provided to us as marketers are deeper than ever before which means we can pinpoint our EXACT ideal customers.

Up until now, FB ads courses have been released left, right and center. Everyone knows this. But the problem arises when you have a profitable campaign and are left asking “…what the heck do I do now?” Well, it used to be a simple answer of “double your budget and double your profits”.

That doesn’t apply anymore. And with all the WRONG information out there on how to scale your campaigns once they’re profitable, it’s a case of the blind leading the blind. Up until now, No one is more legit than these guys.

They’ve managed to use Jeremy UNIQUE Social Scaling Formula that are usually kept within tight “big player” circles to scale:

  • A Shopify store from $30,000 per month to over $410,000 per month
  • Generate 188,925 FB video videos for $0.003 per view
  • Collected over 111,000 leads
  • Run campaigns with over 143,000 CONVERSIONS

They’ve blown the lid right off these unique methods that the big players are so tight-lipped about and have released it all inside of their brand new Social Scaling Formula video course.  They’re also adding in a FULL bonus course based on their unique targeting strategies that helped them build their “base” to begin scaling.

So effectively, you’re getting two complete courses for the price of one. Social Scaling Formula and Broad Targeting Formula 2.0

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