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Sellin Messenger is the software that lets you broadcast messages to anyone who visits your site. This tool allows you to automatically follow up with your customers through FB messages and send out discounts, coupons, external links, and so much more.

Since everything goes through Facebook, you get 100% inboxing rate and open rate 7x higher compared emails. So, instead of just using 10% of your total audience size with emails, you can now reach almost a 100% by using Funnel Messenger.

Facebook marketing was a great breakthrough when it challanged the traditional marketing. But it’s not limited to getting people signed up to your email lists and waiting forever to take them action. Get over those traditional marketing methods and target more prospects then only 5% to 10% who get to real your emails you send them. Sellin Messenger comes here to remove that extra step and connect you with every visitor of website or store

Email marketing is a complicated job and you have to cross many hurdles

1. Building an email list when people don’t like to give their email address
2. Avoid spam traps and getting primary into the inboxing
3. Being really creative and make people to open and click on you mail
4. Using email marketing for every niche is not possible

And after passing through all these hurdle’s what are your chances. An average person checks the email once or twice a day but spends 2-3 hours on facebook. Messenger is the place where you connect with them on human level as people connect with their friends

Imagine making sales on autopilot, customer service, suggestion to customers and much more via messenger even when you sleep via messenger box on your website. This is the Future which is Reality for Big Billion Dollar Corporations

Sellin Messenger

Thanks to the growth of social media and especially Facebook it’s now easier than ever to create unlimited prospects to buy any thing you are selling online. And that is much faster and effective then the traditional methods like email marketing, adwords or facebook ads. Once you have those prospect in your broadcast list, you can promote anything you like for profit. Affiliate products or your own, doesn’t matter. All you need is a source of buyers eager to pay for your stuff.

Got a FB account? Then you’ve already got a buyers list. All you need is a way to convert them into buying leads. By putting just one line of code on your site, this new technology, Funnel messenger, engages and builds relationships for you turning prospects into buyers. Even better, Sellin Messenger does it without paid ads and by connecting directly inside the FB inbox.

5 simple steps for 3X profits:

Step 1: Connect Your facebook account in Sellin Messenger
Step 2: Add Your Facebook Pages
Step 3: Add Products & Messages
Step 4: Add the Facebook Chat Software to your Website
Step 5: Sellin Messenger Selling on Autopilot, even While you sleep

Instantly Replace Dozens of Expensive Apps & Tools Used in Sales, Support, Lead Generation, Broadcasting Communication. You Have Sellin Messenger to handle it all for you from a single dashboard. In One Time Low Fee

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