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Quiz Funnels is A next-generation quiz app that assists in segmentation. It can be run on FB, Web and mobile from one link, using smart URL technology. Quiz Funnels assists you with segmenting your list based on their preferences. You can also give them relevant giveaways and discounts with this tool which makes it more interesting for them. And you can harness the power of Facebook with this tool. Quiz funnels helps you to build viral social engagement marketing campaigns and drive more sales to any product service or niche. You can Capture leads through web form or their Facebook Login and connect your Quizzes with your Favorite autoresponders.

Do you know that eight of the top 10 most shared articles in the recent past were quizzes? Quizzes have the ability to efficiently draw in a large audience, and have a long, evergreen lifespan. You can create quizzes that are both entertaining and interactive, and yes, they have made a large impact as a method of lead generation. A good quiz is enjoyable and fun for people to take.

Well, that is the precisely the reason why I set to introduce a quiz app and Quiz Funnels was born. As always, this app is Facebook compliant and lets you leverage the power of the largest social networking site to your benefit. Quiz Funnels is tried and tested in real business scenarios and I myself am startled with the accomplishment Quiz Funnels could spin off.

  • Video Quizzes, Image Quizzes and Quizzes based on demo graphics
  • Lead Capture: Easily capture leads at the beginning or end of their quiz or assessment using Quiz Funnels customizable lead capture form.
  • Integration: Easily integrate quiz or assessment with your favorite email software, allowing you to build automated email campaigns that drip the perfect content to every lead captured.
  • Segmentation: The users can segment their quiz or assessment takers by their results and send them emails tailored to how they answered your quiz or assessment.
  • Product promotion: Quiz Funnels Promote the perfect product or services right after your leads receive quiz takers results, making sure you never miss a sales opportunity.

We are all the time looking for new ways  to engage our online audience, and quizzes seem to become quickly a new indispensable weapon.

Normally quizzes require a lot of technical knowledge and coding to make it work. All that changes with the launch of Quiz Funnels , the tool that lets you design quizzes and host them on Facebook. With Quiz Funnels , not only you can personalize your quiz, but also customize every detail. You can add appealing headline, description and also host it on Facebook.

Now, you can drive Social Traffic With such a high share rate, a quiz can recruit new fans and followers for you and you can be assured that all social traffic comes back to your site. Increase the chance of sharing the quizzes. When people take a good quiz, they want to share it with their friends. As a matter of fact, some quizzes have a share rate of more than 75%

All the quizzes created with Quiz Funnels are compatible across all screens. You can just copy a code from the tool and host the quizzes on your web pages. Whether it’s on mobile, desktop, or anything in between, Quiz Funnels will look great on any screen thanks to its responsive interface.

Want more than a written quiz outcome? You can also have a video result! Just upload your video to the results page and your users will see it as soon as they opt in to see their results. Quiz Funnels Easily track how well your quizzes and campaigns are doing with Analytics Dashboard. Too busy? Let Quiz Funnels leading marketing experts manage and run your quiz campaigns. Keep up to date with all the new features they’re adding to enhance your experience with. Quiz Funnels is a one stop tool for list-building and engaging customers using Quizzes.

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