By: tranllong1 | July 20, 2021

ProfitWriter is a brand new software that automatically creates high converting sales copy, 100% unique blog content AND highly engaging scripts for virtually everything within seconds.

The copywriting and content marketing industry generates $400b+ a year – and now you too can grab your share of it all with zero work, zero costs and zero experience. Seconds from now you could automatically create high converting sales copy and scripts for virtually anything in any niche – and have it be 100% unique content that you can use for yourself or sell to clients.

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Imagine if you had an AI-powered software at your fingertips, where all you had to do is insert your product name and niche and let the software create you a 100% unique, highly converting sales script, email, video sales letter or blog post. It would enable you to finally FIRE your copywriter or content creator and start your own writing business. Copywriting and content marketing is a $400 Billion industry and everyone needs as much sales copy, scripts and unique content as they can get their hands on.

This includes: offline businesses and local clients, online marketers and website owners, buyers on sites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc. What if you had a 1-click solution that enables you to instantly generate 100% unique high converting sales scripts? And what if those sales scripts were based on templates from 7-figure copywriters that are proven to convert, yet 100% custom-tailored to you and your business? Top copywriters usually charge $2,000-$10,000 for content like this. I’m talking about: Sales Pages & Scripts, Video Sales Letters, Email Swipes, Upsell Pages, online & offline articles.



Created especially for you out of thin air. So you can use for yourself, or SELL as a service to other people. Put simply, you’d be a KING. Well now you can. Introducing ProfitWriter.

ProfitWriter creates next-gen sales letters and marketing scripts for yourself & your clients in just 3 simple steps:

  • STEP 1: Login To Their Stunning Cloud-Based Software & Select The Type Of Content You Want Created. (We’ve got you covered with EVERYTHING from sales letters, to emails, VSL scripts, upsells and even regular blog posts)
  • STEP 2: Insert your details – Or The One’s Supplied By Client. (Just fill your niche, keyword or product name: it’s so easy to use, even a 5 year old could start their own copywriting business with ProfitWriter)
  • STEP 3: ProfitWriter Uses A.I. Tech To Generate Unique Content That Sells. (So you can finally FIRE your copywriter for your own projects & sell the scripts to others for $5,000-$10,000 each)

AND THE BEST PART…? It’s 100% newbie-friendly AND has been designed from the ground up by marketers FOR marketers. Plus they’re making it better every single day based upon our user suggestions. That means – no limitations or restrictions, user friendly interface and industry-leading support. THE BOTTOM LINE IS THIS. You end up with the best possible sales copy, which in turn makes you the dominant force in your marketplace – everyone will want to buy copywriting services from YOU!

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