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PointRank 2.0 Is An All In One software that will create a video, rank it and make the rankings stick long term so you worry about nothing other than collecting payments.

The Traffic Potential in SEO Is Absolutely insane. Just imagine millions of people Going To Google & Youtube Everyday Searching For YOUR Solution. From doctors to lawyers to marketers to consumers… everyone is searching for information and stuff to buy on Google & Youtube. You can be there, RIGHT in front of their eyes. It’s absolutely Insane, the potential. But with tapping into such massive potential is NOT AN EASY thing! In fact, it’s AN ENGINE to most (if they’re being honest, most people haven’t even generated a single visitor from SEO that bought).

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The truth is: getting traffic and rankings in 2020 is a nightmare and here’s why: ​(hard work & expensive) you need to build thousands of high quality backlinks or spend $500+ on a software. ​(lots of research) good keywords are super tough to rank for without experience so you need to spend hours finding a perfect keyword. ​(lots of waiting) you need to watch your rankings slowly creep up (or down) without control over them. (hidden costs) even if you do manage to find a software that ranks for you, there are always hidden costs. (short term rankings) even if you manage To Rank, Google Or Youtube Can Tear You Apart Overnight With An Algo Change, OR Just A Change Of Robot Heart.

It’s Time For A Fresh Solution that Works Fast And Long Term. With their System That They Turned Into A Software, They Take What Works, And Make It Easy And Accessible. Introducing PointRank 2.0.



It Works In 4 Simple Steps:

  • Step #1: Leverage: Enter a keyword, leverage ranking data from million dollar videos.
  • Step #2: Generate: Upload/Find videos in seconds, add your own branding, details and links.
  • Step #3: Rank: Rank the video using their automated live event submission technology.
  • Step #4: LongTerm: Get Long Term rankings with their sticky technology & enjoy free traffic.

There Is A LOT Of Traffic Potential With SEO, But You HAVE To Do It Right Plus Doing Manual Work Is A Nightmare. Plus, There Are Additional Expenses On Video Creation, Research & Using Outdated, Complex Live Event Softwares That You Will Have To Face. With PointRank 2.0, Where ALL The Complex & Otherwise Expensive Work Is DONE FOR YOU, In Just A Few Clicks. Getting Ranked And Siphoning Free Traffic Gets Easy. REALLY Easy.  You have GOT to see it in action, CHECK PointRank 2.0 OUT NOW.

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