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PinKing is a unique app that leverages the social media giant Pinterest for 100% free traffic on COMPLETE autopilot.

Pinterest is a traffic source that most marketers IGNORE and put under the rug. Think Pinterest Is Outdated? Think Again! Pinterest Is More Profitable Than Ever Before. Firstly, Ignored By Most Marketers: Most Marketers Are Focusing On Traffic Sources Like FB & YouTube, Adwords And End Up Overlooking Pinterest. Secondly, 300 Million Active Users: Pinterest Has A Whopping 300 MILLION Active Users On A Monthly Basis. Thirdly, Younger Audience: The Majority Of Pinterest Users Are Aged 24-52, Who Are More Comfortable With Buying Products Online. Fourthly, They Love To Spend Money: Shopify users referred by Pinterest, for example, spend an average of $80 compared to Facebook referral of $40. Finally, Fast Growing Userbase: The userbase of Pinterest has NO signs of slowing down. It’s the fastest growing social media platform behind Tumblr.

PinKing Review

THIS IS GREAT, BUT The Problem With Pinterest? It Can Be VERY Time Consuming. While it is an untapped social media platform with a MASSIVE 300 million users. It can be very time consuming. Not everyone has all of the time in the world. That’s exactly why he thought: Screw that. Instead of doing all of the work himself – he decided to take the risk of spending a few thousand bucks to hire a developer to put together a special software That would Take care of the majority of the hard work; Siphon laser targeted traffic that converts into sales And most importantly, do it all on autopilot. And You Know What? It Worked, & Was Worth The Risk. It Was A Money Making, Traffic Generating MONSTER! Introducing PINKING.

Start Getting FREE Targeted Traffic With PinKing IN 3 SIMPLE STEPS:

  • STEP #1: Choose a niche: To choose a niche, add the Pinterest board of the niche of your choice inside of the PinKing software.
  • STEP #2: Get laser targeted: After you’ve selected the board, it’s time to get even more specific and laser targeted by selecting what tags, keywords, etc you want. This will help you increase conversions.
  • STEP #3: Open The Traffic Floodgates: Select which options of getting engagement that you desire, then click start, and you’re ready to start generating traffic.

In short, it would be worth it since you can easily make that investment back, as this can make you hundreds every day. They realized though that most people cannot afford $297. So that’s why Today you’ll pay nowhere near $297 to get instant access to Pin-King. For a limited time only, they’re offering this at a one time investment that anyone can afford. Get PinKing Right Now.

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