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PageLeads is a complete app + training suite that not only lets you extract thousands of leads from Facebook but also exactly how to make $100+ a day reselling simple little Fiverr services to them (they also show you how to do it on your own).

If you are sick and tired of writing content and building backlinks trying to rank your websites that I got some epic news for you. A while ago, Facebook introduced a massive update to Business Pages. They introduced Video Covers. But here is the thing, 99% of the business pages out there are either unaware of this or they do not know how to have a good video created. Most of them don’t even know why they should have one but once you let them know, it’s an extremely easy sell. Facebook Video Covers Helps Businesses Look More Professional, Showcase Their Products, Tour Their Location OR Describe Their Services And here’s the best part. You don’t have to make a single video yourself, you can easily get a professional video cover done on Fiverr for like $20 – $30 and resell them them for 5x – 10x the price to local businesses. This is a huge untapped opportunity a lot of people don’t know about so there is plenty of time to cash in

Imagine getting instant access to hundreds of business owners who are facing a problem, a problem you have a solution for? Listen, ever since the Facebook Video Cover update, thousands of Facebook pages have been out of date – they are still stuck using the same old static timeline covers. My friend Sam developed a 100% web based app that lets you extract all these leads in just a matter of seconds. Introducing PageLeads.

PageLeads Review

You or your subscribers can easily use PageLeads to find local business in any city or any niche and resell Fiverr services to them for 5x – 10X the price and pull in $100 a day with little to no effort because you are basically doing arbitrage.

Here exactly how it works. It’s a simple 4 step system:

  • Step 1: Use the PageLeads App to find business on Facebook that desperately needs your help.
  • Step 2: Message these Business Using out “Copy Paste” contact Script that is proven to work.
  • Step 3: The Script does all the selling for you. Just follow up with Interested clients and close the sale.
  • Step 4: Use Fiverr to easily get the job done and send it over to the clients.

PageLeads is a super easy to use, intelligent little web app that let’s to collect leads from Facebook using Facebook’s and Google’s API’s. If you want to stop wasting time with seo and traffic generation and want to start making sales in little as the next 24 hours then I highly recommend you pick up a copy of PageLeads + training suite before the price goes up.

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