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Photolemur 3.0 is the world’s first fully automated solution for creating perfect photos. It works on Mac and PC, automatically analyzes and perfects your images, and doesn’t require any manual involvement. This software designed for anyone who uses photos. Just drag, drop and leave the rest to Photolemur 3.0, which will enhance them beautifully using artificial intelligence, smart tech and a bit of magic.​

Photolemur 3.0 doesn’t have any hard-coded filters. Instead, it applies specific targeted enhancements to every pixel and object in your photo. Photolemur 3.0 powered by an Artificial Intelligence algorithm that recognizes objects, faces, trees, sky, foliage, and more. It distinguishes between portraits, landscapes, and macro photographs and applies the appropriate enhancements for each type of image. Photolemur 3.0 corrects camera flaws and imperfections to make your photos even better.

All you have to do is drag and drop your image to the app, and let Photolemur 3.0 work its magic.

Photolemur 3.0 review

Over 190,000 marketers have used this software to automatically enhance their photos. Some of your competitors may even be using Photolemur 3.0 to get their photos to stand out from yours! Everyone wants their photos to stand out from the crowd. But, not everyone can afford expensive software or wants to spend hours editing photos.

Whether you use them in your client’s projects or your own, Your photos need to be the absolute cream of the crop to ensure success. Well, good news! The first automatic photo assistant powered by A.I., Photolemur 3.0 has opened its doors to the public!

Photolemur 3.0 is ridiculously simple to use, you can easily enhance your photos, in fact all of your photos in literally 30 seconds or less with just three quick mouse clicks.

#1 – Load your photos.
#2 – Photolemur does it’s magic
#3 – Define the final look of your photos and click export.

Over 3 billion photos are uploaded every single day. Yes you heard that right! So if your working with photos you need them to be stunning. Photolemur 3.0 have created the first fully automated photo assistant that enhances your images just as if a professional photographer did, but faster and with no effort required from you.

This is one of a kind photo editor that can actually think for itself. With a dedicated software development team and over two years in development this software is not your typical half-baked fad. Photolemur 3.0 is packed with 12 smart technologies that help it to automatically analyze and adjust your photos. From faces and objects to colors, horizons, and the sky, it understands it all. And it works its tech magic from there.

And, the best part is you can lock in Photolemur 3.0 today for a one time early bird price and own the software for life. So make sure to grab Photolemur 3.0 now, before the sale ends.

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