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OmniVidioXpress is a complete business in a box solution that will allow you to set your Video Agency with very little work (it’s 100% newbie friendly) and start taking orders for high quality doodle videos.

Today, more and more local biz owners are waking up to this incredible opportunity to get more leads and customers with video and you’re in the perfect position to cash in on this booming industry and red hot service while you can. You must understand something. Did You Know That The Video Marketing Industry Is Worth $135 BILLION In The US Alone? Video is RED HOT right now and it’s not going away soon. Now is your golden opportunity to cash in like crazy by offering local businesses high quality, traffic-pumping videos today for pennies on the dollar! I’m serious. There are thousands of video agencies that now make over $50,000 per month creating animated videos for biz owners. The demand is INSANE!

But There’s A Problem. Creating videos is hard work. You need: Creativity, Tons of time, Expensive editing tools, Stock images, Stock audio, Animation experts, Scripts, Storyboards. It’s brutal work… and producing just one video for a client could take you weeks, hundreds of dollars and a whole lot of frustration. Not Anymore. Introducing OmniVidioXpress. It Provides You With 20 Pro Quality Local Biz Videos You Can Profit With Right Now!

OmniVidioXpress Review

3 Easy Ways To Profit With These DFY Local Videos Tonight:

Sell Direct To Local Biz Owners: Easy pickings, nice fat paycheck
Use them to drive traffic to your own lead gen sites: Then rent the site out or sell leads directly to local biz owners
Create awesome local lead gen sites and flip them on Flippa.com: Some lead gen sites are selling for $20,000+
If you want access to top quality videos in the hottest niches that will guarantee better conversion and sales, then you need to get OmniVidioXpress right this moment. And best yet, when you pick this up through me today, you’ll also receive FULL COMMERCIAL RIGHTS, so you can sell these to make money fast. As per the latest trend report, 64% of the business revenue will be generated from video marketing! If you want to give your business the right boost through their: Specially crafted Videos, Top notch quality of the content, Created by a team of Professional Video Editors. All hot niches covered! Get OmniVidioXpress Now.

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