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Novelty Site Builder is a WordPress plugin + theme combo that allows you to build profitable affiliate sites with unique viral products.

Did you know that you can buy a house on Amazon? And no, I’m not joking. Go ahead, open Amazon in a new tab and search for ‘container house’. Pretty cool, right? There are thousands of items on Amazon that are new, original, or have something unusual about them.

When people see a novelty product like that, it makes them laugh or they feel curious and they click on it. And because you don’t see such things every day, people love to share them with their friends and family. Which means a word about these products spreads like a wildfire.

In fact, Regular Affiliate Sites Take Forever To Build And Constantly Need New Content added to them every day or else you’ll lose your Google rankings. Instead, you can focus only on products that are proven to attract views, shares, and clicks on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Here’s how you can build a profitable affiliate site with this type of products. Introducing Novelty Site Builder.

Novelty Site Builder Review

Get Started In 3 Easy Steps It’s Your Fast Lane To Money-Making VIRAL Sites:

  • STEP #1: Choose What Your Novelty Site Is About: Simply select what kind of novelty products you want from hundreds of suitable niches or just mix and match items without any particular category. It’s all up to you. A detailed behind-the-shoulder tutorial is included.
  • STEP #2: Auto-Import Amazon Products: Using our custom-made Chrome extension, automatically import as many products as you wish. You can get the ball rolling with as little as 6 products. You can always add more later.
  • STEP #3: Monetize With Amazon Affiliate Program. Add your Amazon Associate Tag (affilaite ID) and the plugin will automatically turn all product links into your affiliate links. Earn up to 10% commission on all purchases your visitors make within 24 hours.

Novelty Site Builder is a WordPress plugin and a theme combo that lets you build Amazon stores with cool novelty stuff. There’s also a browser extension that allows you to automatically import Amazon products without API. So, How Do You Profit If Nobody Is Buying The Products You Promote?

Thanks to Amazon’s generous 24 affiliate cooking window, you get paid commission on all purchases people make after they click your link. Not just the products that you promote. That means you can use the funny/unusual products to achieve viral traffic to your site and profit from everything they buy after clicking your link. Make sure to check out this method and the software today because the price is set to jump every few hours. Get Novelty Site Builder Now.

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