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MugJam is an app that can not only create stunning characters that look exactly like you, but it also has powerful video editing capabilities inbuilt.

Every Great Video Needs A Face. If you had to choose to view a video of tiresome animations or a human face, which would you chose? Naturally, we all incline towards the human, which brings more credibility and honesty to the messaging. We are all wired to take an interest in the content that is more relatable and easily consumable. Therefore, having humans in the video can instantly connect with the viewers and instills a sense of trust.

Humans in videos will not only result in more views and watch time, but they also make your viewers think that you actually care. While humans come out as clear winners when it comes to videos, there is a problem: Shooting Videos Can Be A Time Consuming And Expensive Process! Creating videos with humans is never easy. You’ll need a lot of time and patience to rehearse your lines, put on makeup, and stand on the same spot for hours. You’ll also require expensive gear to record and edit the videos that you record professionally. And if that is not enough, you’ll need a professional video editor as well as a cameraperson to do the recording.

That’s also why movies have huge budgets. It takes hours to shoot only a few minutes of footage that is worth watching. Every year 1000s of marketers and business owners miss sales goals because they’re afraid of being on camera. Being on camera can be very scary for many and for the right reasons. So while they are hard to create, humans videos are always going to outperform other types of videos. Introducing a new solution called MugJam.

MugJam Review

Create MugJam Videos In 3 Simple Steps:

  • Step 1: Select A Done For You Template Or Upload Your Own Video!
  • Step 2: Create Your MugJam by Uploading Any Photo
  • Step 3: Customize your selected template and export!

When you tap that link above, you’ll see for yourself how this A.I. technology creates life like videos from a single photo. Right down to the teeth, eyes, and even head turns! But that’s not even the best part. The best part of it is that it can be used in a number of ways to create just about any scenario for video that you could ever wish for. Want to create a spokesperson for a real estate service? No problem.

Want to add a spokesperson over an existing video and sync the audio? Easy peasy. Have a presentation you don’t want to be on camera for? It can handle it with 100% simplicity. But you’ll need to hurry because that discount is available for a limited time. Once the timer runs out on that page, you’ll be forced to pay more. So go ahead and head over now to start creating your own Mugjams in seconds.

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