By: tranllong1 | July 19, 2021

MotionNFTmaker is a groundbreaking app for non-artists makes motion NFT crypto art which people can sell on eBay-like sites to collectors & speculators.

What are NFTs and how to sell them on eBay-like sites to collectors, investors, and speculators, and not only charge one time payments, but also forever automatically collect passive royalties every time your NFT gets resold on the secondary market? Without going into technical details, NFT basically means digital age art, which works the same as real world art just online. But there is a very important twist – it is minted to a blockchain. The minting is a digital engraving of the art into a blockchain, in the way that it cannot be removed, but it can change the owner. The result of the minting of art is called NFT.

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On the high level NFT simply means one-of-the-kind. It is that blockchain immutability which gives crypto art NFTs its value because art minted to NFT can demonstrate verifiable identity and scarcity. NFTs are just the latest realization of a passion that is a natural part of human psychology: collecting objects. That is pretty much everything you need to know about crypto art, minting, and NFT. So, if you are ready to discover the crazy world of crypto art NTFs, and how a non-artist can get in, sell them, and collect passive royalties, is great news for you. Right now the latest craze is the moving and animated crypto arts. This is where, if you have the proper tool, you can lean in and take full advantage of that to access those hungry collectors, investors, and speculators. Introducing MotionNFTmaker.


Here’s How Easy MotionNFTmaker Is To Use:

  • Step 1: Choose scene, virtual actors & paste text for each one
  • Step 2: Select voice, behaviour for each virtual actor
  • Step 3: Select cameras, click a button and voila — you have just produced a complete video

It turns static images and photos into live photos that animate and move. With moving images and moving photos you can stand out from the crowd, and skyrocket your chance to be discovered by collectors, investors, and speculators. People can forever automatically collect passive perpetual royalties every time their NFTs get resold. MotionNFTmaker includes proprietary CRA AI technology, which allows people to make motion crypto art NFTs by simply clicking their mouse.

And because CRA AI technology does all the heavy lifting, it is mathematically almost impossible for people to not get any collector worthy results, even if they have not made any art in their entire life and have no tech experience at all. MotionNFTmaker is the first ever app of this kind on the market so the sales will be flying. Get It Now.

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