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Motion Ads 3.0 is a comprehensive training on how to create professional 3D Photo Ads, Cinemagraphs and video loops, using basic and advanced tools. This course also includes lessons on how to use these outputs for your marketing campaigns like website banners and video ads.

Images and videos are the most powerful forms of art. Combining these 2 in a single medium (Cinemagraph) will make your art a lot more beautiful and your marketing unstoppable! The fact is Cinemagraphs are 60 to 80% more effective than static photos – Wall Street Journal. In a case study done by Flixel for a start-up company called Inkbox Tattoos, the Cinemagraph ad got 117% more click-through-rate, 41% lower cost, and 80% more relevant score compared to the image ad. “Static images are everywhere and video is an amazing format but people have to commit to watch it. Cinemagraphs provide a great balance. They take the best of photography and the best of video and there’s an immediacy about them that captures people’s attention. From an ad perspective, they are non-desruptive and non-intrusive.” – Mark Homza, Flixel.

Motion Ads 3.0 Review

No wonder more and more brands are using Cinemagraphs in their promotions. Awesome, right? But how do you create it? Well, you have different options. You can hire a professional to create them for you. But trust me, you have to me willing to pay hundreds of dollars for each output. You can try to figure things out yourself. But again, you have to be willing to spend hours and hours of time and pulling of your hair to figure things out. “But I got this cheap tool that promises me to be able to create Cinemagraphs easily,” you might say. Well, tools are just tools, and without proper guidance, you might not be able to create Cinemagraphs properly. This is just like proper driving. You might have bought the easiest-to-drive car, but you still not need to learn how to drive. So where you can learn how to create professional Cinemagraphs and video loops? Introducing Motion Ads 3.0!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Photoshop expert, or a complete noob when it comes to graphics and video editing. Cham’s done an awesome job putting together all the resources, tips and techniques needed in Motion Ads 3.0 to start creating top-quality cinemagraphs for yours or your client’s businesses. Also, the templates are sweet, professionally designed and a huge time-saver.

Kickstart your 3D Photo Ads, Cinemagraphs and video loops creation with done-for-you templates and ready-made backgrounds! So instead of hundreds or thousands, you can get access to Motion Ads 3.0 today for a very low price that you can see below. plus, you have a 30-day no questions asked, money-back guarantee! That’s not all! If you take action today, you can have the following bonus: Photoshop 101 (Valued $97). You will learn how to use the most popular software of all time – Photoshop! This app can be used not just in Cinemagraph creation, but also in photo editing, graphic designs, etc. Get Motion Ads 3.0 Now.

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