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MobiFirst is a brand-new way of building websites that directly addresses the transition to Mobile-First indexing by producing the fastest loading mobile websites on the Internet! MobiFirst goes about building a website the complete opposite way of virtually every other site builder out there, and the results are undeniable.  Time and time again, MobiFirst produces lighting fast websites. If you’re not building sites to accommodate Google’s changes, your websites will be left in the dust by your competition.

The Shift Has Happened – The Majority Of Viewing Is Now On Mobile. Are You Prepared? Have you noticed how everywhere you go, you see people on their mobiles phones and tablets checking their messages and email, surfing the web, and even better – buying all sorts of stuff?  It’s constant. You can see, it is becoming increasingly important at a faster pace than ever before, for every single website to perform at its best on both mobile and desktop devices.

Google is already taking steps to keep up with the ever-growing transition to mobile by deploying a new approache to how it indexes web pages.  They call it, “Mobile-First” indexing.  It’s how Google makes sure it’s getting the bests mobile content for people searching across the entire web. Just look at the comments Google and others have made directly relating to “Mobile-First” indexing and page load speed. Your website must be the fastest and best optimized across all devices, but especially mobile, within it’s niche – or risk seeing a major hit to search engine rankings, traffic, and ultimately business.

As soon as Google announced “Mobile-First” indexing, they hit the drawing board to understand and answer what would become every website owner’s biggest questions. How do I keep up with, and stay competitive with Google’s Mobile-First changes?

MobiFirst Review

Most mobile sites are constructed for desktop first, then the elements of the website are manipulated to fit smaller screens last. This is what we all know as mobile-responsive or mobile-friendly site design. This approach to building a site that’s mobile friendly or responsive causes all sorts of problems. Things that are in one place on your computer screen are in totally different places on your cell phone. Then you find yourself going back and forth, reshaping your main site to make sure it works on mobile. It’s completely frustrating and a huge waste of time. They’ve been through it! What’s worse and has a larger effect, is you’re compromising the performance of your website!

How can a website load quickly when there’s so much to figure out in the background? So, the question remained. How could they get the absolute best performance across all devices? Then the answer hit. What if they took the complete opposite approach? What if they build for the smallest mobile device first? It makes perfect sense. Let’s completely reverse the idea behind old ways of building websites. Let’s instead start building pages on the smallest screen first, because it forces you to add the most important elements you want on your site, then add additional elements as you increase the screen size.

This ensures everything fits together as it should, because you’ve essentially built your site for each size screen, instead of trying to shrink a larger site into a smaller screen. Like most ideas, it all sounded great in theory, but would it actually work?

You can use a revolutionary Mobile-First site building solution, MobiFirst, to build websites in a matter of minutes that you know are lightning fast, secure, instantly optimized, and so much more.

This is the future of sitebuilding, and you’re getting the chance, right now, to take advantage of an unbelievable opportunity.  Be one of the first to use MobiFirst and see instant results in site speed and start climbing the search engine rankings.  Know with confidence your sites are 100% optimized for mobile phones, tablets, and desktop devices. Start building Mobile-First sites today, with MobiFirst. Get It Now.

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