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MaxConvert is An AI Based Personalized Notification Technology. It Turns Any Website, Landing Page or Funnel Into Personalized Engagement, Lead & Sales Magnet by Just Copy Pasting 1 Line of Code.

You may have a great product or most high-in-demand service, or you promote affiliate product – now what’s the first option that comes in your mind in order to sell it online? SIMPLE, YOU MUST build a website or a landing page that CONVERTS. Right? When customer come on an ordinary website or landing page, 95% visitors leave it in first 5 second and never to come back again. That’s because a SIMPLE REASON: There are tons of information and directions to go on your website when a visitor land on it, so they’re confused what to do NEXT and they get lost & you lose them forever!!

There was NO one to guide them, hand hold them about what to do next- step by step to get a desired goal. Your Visitor Stuck, You Stuck. If you’re not guiding your visitors & catch them when they’re most engaged, Your business is heading towards a DEAD END. Losing Traffic, Losing Leads and Losing Sales & PROFIT Every second. You are not alone, 1.8B Websites are out there by 200 Million Website owners! Yeah, those are also looking for help to boost their engagement & sales. Oh yeah! That’s a HUGE opportunity as well to grab.

MaxConvert Review

Now! What if you can engage visitors on your own or your 200 Million possible client’s with just 1 simple tweak that can 2X the conversions and profits!! Simple HACK is: Guide Your Visitors – Suggest Them what to do NEXT?? Don’t let them get lost & Get your desired Goal according to their activity. The easier it is for visitors to engage with your brand, the bigger chances you have to convert them. That’s why they decided to cut through the clutter and present a solution that that can replace all complicated, recurring and old-school popups and notification solutions out there and Turns your website, blog, funnel or landing page into personalized engagement, leads & sales magnets by just copy and paste of 1 line of a code. Introducing MaxConvert.

Just 4 Simple Steps Convert Your Own or Your Client’s Websites/Landing Pages into a Sales Machine:

  • Step#1: CHOOSE: You get 100s of ready-to-use notification templates to choose according to your goal. Those are beautiful and built only to get you more conversions & sales.
  • Step#2: CREATE: Edit template with A Drag & Drop, WISIWYG Editor. It gives you complete freedom to create a campaign. Add or edit anything –text, video, image or countdown timer & more. It’s easy & fast.
  • Step#3: PERSONALISE: Make it Personalised- Get More Conversions: This advanced A.I based targeting helps to understand user behaviour & then show your best offers to targeted audience. You can show your message according to geo-location, time spent on site, cart abandonment, any URL visit & much more…Set a rule once & forget – Its automated.
  • Step#4: PROFIT: Copy, Paste & Profit – Now copy the 1 line of code & Paste it on your website, pages, blogs or funnels and see leads & sales flowing in day and night.

What if doing everything was just push button easy without having high end technical skills or breaking your bank? Only 4 Easy Steps to Build Any Type of Campaign You Need. To maximize leads & profits for your own and your client’s business. You Already Know You’re Getting MaxConvert Today for Just a Very Nominal Price. Get It Now.

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