By: tranllong1 | November 12, 2020

MailConversio is The All-In-One Email Booster Suite that turns EVERY Email Broadcast into a profit pulling machine using interactive videos, graphics and polls.

If you think email is dead, then think again. Email marketing is still pulling profit today, and is possibly the best strategy for your business. But traditional email marketing is gradually losing its grip on subscriber’s attention. People are bombarded with a barrage of emails on a daily basis while attention span on the internet has drastically reduced. This has resulted in low open rate and click rate in email campaigns which is a serious challenge for many businesses.

If they come from the angle of sending email campaigns without conversions and sales, they are looking at paying hundreds of dollars to AR companies without any return on investment. Its complete waste of money. But, let’s not take it that far, if you were to hire a freelancer/solo ads expert to build your list, you could easily be charged $1k to $5k depending on the kind of result you want. Yet there’s still a bad part. As you run your campaigns day after day, you keep paying recurring fees to autoresponder companies without any conversion.

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By leveraging on social growth, interactive and conversion elements in your email campaigns to maximize traffic and leads. All you have to do is make use of email boosters. Introducing MailConversio.

And it’s very simple to use and master. In just 3 dead simple steps, you can set up a profitable campaign.

  • Step 1: Pick an element you want to be inserted in your email. (MailConversio instantly generates an autoresponder code)
  • Step 2: Simply copy the code inside your preferred autoresponder
  • Step 3: Click send and sit back. Watch live stats of your campaigns showing your click-through-rates going through the roof.

It is as simple as it is. But don;t let the simplicity fool you, the system works perfectly. If you ever wanted to create emails like the pros without having the skills or watching hundreds of hours of training, this is the ONLY solution you need to succeed as everything is drag-n-drop simple. Plus, you get bonuses worth thousands and commercial license at no extra cost. Get It Now.

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