By: tranllong1 | August 11, 2020

LetsMail is the World’s 1st & Only Email Software Where No One Can Hurt Your Delivery Rates… Ever. You can use to email opens rates, clicks & profits… Without ever paying monthly fees for email services.

In the last couple years a LOT of cloud-based, low-cost autoresponders have been released. They LOOKED good: no restrictions on what you mail, no monthly fees, no problems importing lists. New cloud-based autoresponders were coming out every month, and users kept SWITCHING. Multi-User Cloud-Based Autoresponders Can Stop Working When Just One User Sends Spam. NO WONDER new autoresponders were coming out so often!

Practically the second a spammer sent a lousy email, delivery for every user on the platform hit rock bottom… and the software became effectively useless. Even though many of these softwares were well-developed by solid vendors. Sadly the I.M. industry does attract spammers… and they ruined these platforms for everyone.

So the expensive lessons I learned from all this. Multi-User Email Platforms Are NOT The Way To Run A Long-Term, Viable Business Because You have NO control. The bad actions of someone ELSE can put your business at risk. “Big name” platforms often tell you what you can or can’t mail and restrict the subscribers you import. Some independent platforms have limited features, charge extra as you grow, and can attract more spammers by being “IM-friendly”. It was time to start from scratch – It Took 8+ Months To Develop And Fully Test. Because this was brand new – a revolution in autoresponder software with nothing comparable on the market. But finally it was ready. Introducing LetsMail.

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With LetsMail:

  • Delivery rates are CONSISTENTLY higher than I ever got with 3rd party email services
  • Bounce rates are MUCH LOWER than before
  • Overall open rates, clicks and PROFITS from email have INCREASED!

During this limited launch, LetsMail includes full commercial rights. So you can use the software to deliver email marketing services to others and keep all the profits. Thanks to multiple sender accounts, you can manage this completely remotely for others… and charge a premium for the service. Email marketing services are extremely high-paying and always in demand.

Take on as many customers as you want with no limits for exciting new income streams. If you have seen it and you haven’t made up your mind yet, you can save a bunch of money by getting your hands on LetsMail tonight before midnight Eastern.

See More AT: https://dope-review.com/letsmail-review/

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