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Local Video Fortune 2019 is a package of 30 DFY lead-generation whiteboard videos in 10 profitable offline niches that love to buy leads. Each video in the package is created with fully-colored scenes of original, high-quality artworks, highly-engaging voiceover, and comes with PowerPoint templates that you can edit and export in minutes. Boring whiteboard videos are everywhere out there, but the animations in these videos are captivating and practically force the users to watch the entire video and take action.

Businesses NEED New Leads And There’s One Proven Way to Generate Leads! Video is one of them. Actually the best one. People are watching videos more and more these days. So if you want to deliver results for local businesses, video must be an integral part of that equation. That said it can’t just be ANY video. Customers today are much more critical than before and they have the attention span of a 2 year old.

Basically, you have to capture their attention with your video within a few seconds. Whiteboard video is what I use for all of my clients’ lead generation campaigns. And they love it! So why whiteboard video? Did you know that people have been communicating by drawing since 30,000 years ago? Research shows that whiteboard video grabs attention, encourages viewer engagement and allows consumers to recall information better than any other type of video because people love to see things being drawn.

Local Video Fortune 2019 Review

So whiteboard video is proven to be the highest converting direct sales tool on the planet. Is Creating a High Converting Whiteboard Video Easy? NO. Why? A good whiteboard video has to: grab the attention, tell a captivating story, be informative and memorable, provide a strong and persuasive call-to-action. Following these requirements, you will need good video scripts, loads of good-looking artworks and special tricks and techniques to make it all come together. The total costs to produce a single high-converting whiteboard video may be as high as $2,000 per minute, as well as hours and hours of hard work. It’s a huge investment so this kind of video usually goes way beyond most of local business’s marketing budget. What If You Can Create Professional Whiteboard Videos WITHOUT Having to Be a Natural-Born Director – And Offer Them at a Reasonable Price that Every Local Business Can Afford? All you need is Local Video Fortune 2019.

With Explainer and Commercial videos in Local Video Fortune 2019, you can use your own video editor to edit the ending scene to add your client’s information, or use PowerPoint.  Storytelling videos are created with PowerPoint so you need PowerPoint to edit the text, timing, client’s logo, (MS PowerPoint 2010 and above is required).

Let’s assume you can find a good deal for $200 per video, you’ll literally have to pay $6,000 for 30 videos And that doesn’t count the script writing, PLUS an undefined amount of TIME you’d have to waste going back and forth with the animator trying to ‘convey your ideas’. That is a complete TIME SUCK and it is NOT a fun process. Remember, time is your most valuable asset in life because it is the only thing that doesn’t replenish. So use the little time you have available to instead use Local Video Fortune 2019 and spend your time and money wisely! But hurry up as the price will increase soon. Get Local Video Fortune 2019 Right Now.

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