By: tranllong1 | November 13, 2020

LinguaScribe is the most advanced multilingual translation app today with the ability to translate, transcribe, or voiceover any length of text or audio into 100+ different languages quickly using A.I. technology.

Language Content Is A Super-Weapon You Cannot Afford To Give To Your Competition. As facts stand, business is going to irrevocably change in the coming months. Either you will be the person who grabs all the local language traffic and leads, or it’s going to be your competition. Because, if you think that this huge audience is going to remain untapped for long, well think again.

Here are some facts that you need to look at right away: 65 Million + People in the US can read, write or speak a second language. 75% + Of all Internet users don’t have English as their first language. Over 50% Of all Google searches are not in English. Only 45% Of the Internet content is not in English. The competition is still low. More than 75% People prefer reading or listening to content in their language. 50% or more That’s the immediate traffic boost you can get by targeting multiple languages.

Successful blogger and marketer Neil Patel increased his traffic 47% by just translating his blog into multiple languages. Have you ever tried getting a translation quote? Bottomline. It’s expensive. Translating a single article can cost the north of $50, and commissioning a voice-over may set you back a couple of 100 dollars. And that’s only for one language. Do it the old way and you will never make profits.

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It’s too much effort. Even if in some fanciful world you could spend that much and wait that long, the effort is too much. Coordinating, communicating, planning. Working with multiple freelancers for different languages. It can take up all your day with very little results. It’s clearly impossible to target this market if you did it the conventional way. But, Modern AI Tech Makes Things Absolutely Simple & Absolutely Affordable. It was really disappointing to know that there is such a huge and growing opportunity out there but no easy way to tap it. There had to be a better way. Technology has helped businesses open up a lot of doors in recent times, and when the right tech appeared, they used to create something that will open up all the doors for you. Introducing LinguaScribe.

It works so easy. You just run your text or audio file through a custom workflow to produce tons of translated content and media in 100s of different languages, fully-automated. LinguaScribe helps you get more organic content. Google is a content monster! The more content you feed it, the more places you’ll rank at. With LinguaScribe you will be able to transform your audio and text content into any language you want. Languages with less competition for the prime, money keywords. Result : You can expect more qualified buyers from local markets around the world. Includes training to turn you into a top marketer

LinguaScribe comes with comprehensive video training that shows you how to put it to best use and get the best possible results for your business. You’ll learn all the methods, all the tricks, all the systems that you need to know to write your success story with LinguaScribe. So, make sure you act fast and lock in your copy at the early bird pricing NOW.

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