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Holiday SociPacks is a Done-For-You package created for agency owners and their restaurant clients. Holiday SociPacks is a genius strategy where Alicia shows you how all it takes  is just 45 minutes to set up this simple 3 step formula that churns out buyer traffic, month after month.

As much as a fifth of a small business’ annual profits will be gained during the last month of the year – that’s how important Christmas and New Year is. Which means you need to be marketing your local clients’ businesses heavily during December, using Christmas & New Year themed graphics and videos. It’s also the perfect time to start a local agency, if you’re a newbie, because local businesses are usually anxious about making the most of the Holiday period, but are unsure how to market their goods and services.

Holiday SociPacks Review

The Holiday Season is HUGE for Local Businesses. However, Creating Christmas Themed Graphics & Videos Takes a Ton of Time, Graphic Design Skills and $$$$ to Outsource. Imagine if you could be the hero for local businesses this Holiday season, and generate up to 20% MORE profits for them this December, without lifting a finger. Introducing Holiday SociPacks.

Holiday SociPacks has become very popular with overworked local agency consultants. That’s because it’s the perfect recurring income business, without the backbreaking monthly fulfillment for busy business owners like you! If you depend on local businesses to pay you monthly retainers to increase their sales, you can potentially increase your results by 500% with Holiday SociPacks

This strategy has incredible value, and you’ll be using it for years to come. Take it for a risk free 14 day trial and PROVE to yourself that these graphics and videos can increase the profits of local businesses by up to 20% during the holiday season. Giving you the perfect foot in the door strategy, and/or allowing you to maximise your retainers. Get It Right Now.

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