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Freedom Sale includes their software products, and training courses have helped countless people create an online income right from home. They assembled this FREEDOM package and drastically lowered the price so that you can finally afford to do the same.

Have you ever heard of a “weekend blow out” – it’s a term coined by Omar & Melinda Martin about 10 years ago when they were running an online sale. It doesn’t happen often but whenever they do these blow outs things get a bit crazy. Customers get ridiculous amounts of value for insanely low prices. Softwares and tools that normally cost hundreds of dollars are reduced to practically pennies.

Products you wanted to buy but couldn’t afford, suddenly become within your reach. The playing field becomes leveled during a weekend blowout.  Guess what….  TOMORROW IS ONE OF THOSE DAYS. There is a FREEDOM SALE about to kick off.

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With Freedom Sale, Omar & Melinda Martin have slashed the prices on 3 of my favorite products.

  • CONVERToolz is a software to create lead funnels, beautiful landing pages that connect with YOUR autoresponder and build YOUR LIST. Best part is that you get OVER 150 PRODUCTS DONE FOR YOU.  (yes, seriously this is worth THOUSANDS).
  • COMMISSION MAGNETS is a software that creates amazing bonus pages which you can customize. The cool thing is that it includes the bonus products.
  • THE I.M. CLINIC is a brilliant training package that takes a deep dive into the 4 most important parts of your business. Traffic, List Building, Conversion & Scaling.

There are lots of “marketers” out there peddling their wares on you for a quick buck. Some are good and others, not so much. Over the years what I’ve found is that this simple process is what really matters.

  • STEP 1 – Attract leads with REAL VALUE and build a targeted list.
  • STEP 2 – Create enticing bonus offers that turn leads into buyers.
  • STEP 3 – Drive traffic, increase conversions and SCALE daily.

If you focus on those THREE THINGS TOGETHER you’ll be truly successful but if you try to do them individually you’ll probably struggle. Imagine having the most current software, products and funnels DONE FOR YOU…  along with the TRAINING to make it all super easy to operate. Get Freedom Sale Now.

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