By: tranllong1 | August 19, 2019

EyeSlick is a revolutionary new video social platform with inbuilt ecom functionality. You can stream live video from your computer, or from their iTunes/Playstore apps – or, upload prerecorded videos – or even import from YouTube.

Being in the trenches of digital marketing I’ve seen a lot, but what I am going to show you today is changing the future of how you use social media. In fact, this platform is so powerful they received $1 million in VC funding before the launch went live. You know a local business owner. They are cool. Knowledgable. They really hustle. Yet, most struggle to bring in enough customers or clients to succeed. I’m going to show you something that will allow you to walk into virtually any business, and help them get more clients and customers.

It’s called ‘vTail’ and if you are wondering ‘what the —-‘ is vTail no worry I’ll explain. It’s ‘video retail’ imagine being able to create or curate a video, and being able to sell them something from right inside the platform. Yes, you can now with a platform called EyeSlick that merges both video and retail together to create a powerful, highly profitable way to allow you to profit from social media.

EyeSlick Review

You’re probably wondering how this works, right? It’s with a new platform called EyeSlick that takes the power of eCommerce and video and marries them together in a way that has never been seen before. The best part is that it’s as simple as 3 steps, and it works in any niche:

  • STEP 1: Join Today. Choose your EyeSlick channel package.
  • Step 2: Copy & Paste. Use their copy/paste tools & training.
  • Step 3: Profit. Profit with video, even if they’re not yours!

With EyeSlick, users can make money by selling physical or digital products from their channels, or even simply provide content and get paid when people donate and reward them – similar to sites like Patreon and Twitch.  Customers will be given licenses with the option to:  Activate their own ecom-ready, paid traffic enabled (funded by EyeSlick) video channels and Sell and/or give away licenses.

Again it doesn’t matter what niche they are in: Real Estate, Fashion, Finance, Tutor, Personal, Trainer, Musician, Martial Arts, Massage Therapist. It simply doesn’t matter. This can be a game-changer for them. Go check out this, straight to the point demo video where you will see why this one, easy to use platform will change eCommerce forever. Get EyeSlick Right Now.

See More At: https://dope-review.com/eyeslick-review/

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