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EZ Social Media Vidz Is The Easiest, Most Inexpensive Way To Access Jaw-dropping, High Quality, Conversion-Boosting, Cinemagraph-style Videos & 3D Graphics Assets, Without Expensive Software, Animation Or Graphics Design Skills.

Usually, When Videos End, The Viewer’s Attention Ends With It. Cinemagraphs Have Unique Benefits over traditional Video and Still Images as they isolate special Movements In Continuous Loops that are More Likely to Hold The Viewers’ Attention Longer And Make Them more Likely To Remember Your Message, Product Or Brand. It is the Captivating nature of Cinemagraphs and their ability to drive customer engagement that has led Many Big Brands such as A&E, Netflix, Proactiv+, Panasonic, Kraft, Disney, Prada, Coca Cola and Chanel, Just to name a few, to use Cinemagraphs over Still images in their Promotional and Marketing Campaigns.

With videos now auto-looping & auto-playing on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+,Tumblr, and Vine, social networks are perfect for sharing cinemagraphs at HD resolution. Cinemagraphs Are Also Rich In Atmosphere And Offer Particular Benefits. But There Is A Huge Problem Finding Unique Cinemagraphs & Video Assets Generally, Is Pretty Challenging. As A Video Maker, Online Marketer or Business Owner, Having Access to High Quality Video Assets is a MUST. But Creating Captivating Videos That Grab Attention Is Time-Consuming, Difficult, Requires Graphics Design Skill And Expensive Software.

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It can be quite a HEADACHE! Yes, there are thousands of Stock Videos available on the internet that you could purchase and use. But, apart From The High Cost and Strict Copyright Restrictions, These Video Assets Lack The Wow Factor As There Isn’t Anything That Differentiates Them since Everyone Is already Using The Same Old Recycled Footage From These Popular Stock Media Sites Over And Over Again! Today we have the perfect solution. Introducing Ez Social Media Vidz.

These high-end graphics are also perfect for any of your Video & Multimedia projects, as well as for your social media pages. They are original and unique and unlike footage you see ripped from stock media online warehouses.

The main product comes with a Developers License, including 7 Fast-Action bonuses. The first Upsell comes with 100 Additional, stunning social media backdrops with TONs of other assets, like; 3D Virtual Characters, more conversion-boosting Ads and some super cool bonuses – all with a Developers license.  This upsell has many more unique media assets, including never-before-seen bonus character packages that are professionally made to suit any commercial purpose. Folks, you really need to see this product in action. Don’t waste another minute. Get EZ Social Media Vidz Now.

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