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Easy Pro Webinars is a web based [SaaS] that let’s anyone create automated webinars in just ONE minute. A completely automated solution to List Building AND High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Using Webinars.

Fact: Webinars Sell and Webinars Sell Big! So why should you be frozen out? Why should webinars only be the domain of the gurus and big boys? You know the situation already. You need your own high value product to use webinars. And the cost and skills needed to profit from this highly lucrative sales method put it way out of reach of the majority internet marketers. Have You Ever Thought That You Could Massively Boost Your Sales If Only You Could Have The Same Advantages As Those Making Huge Bank With Webinars? Of course you have.

You are probably trying to build a list right? Or maybe even that is too much work for you? It takes time, it takes money, it takes training. You need new tools, new ideas, new products on a continuous basis. It’s a real roller-coaster that you can’t get off but you can’t seem to make book with either. Webinars look like the perfect solution but the main applications require huge monthly payments. Technically challenging, hard to produce high quality content, problems presenting to camera. Just too may moving parts – any one of which will stop most marketers in their tracks. Introducing a new solution called Easy Pro Webinars.

Easy Pro Webinars Review

Every stage of the webinar process is designed for the highest conversions, psychologically designed to move the subscriber to the next step to that final goal – your product sale! Simple Easy Pro Webinars Process:

  • Step #1: HIGH CONVERSION REGISTRATION: Every stage of the webinar process has been tweaked for the highest conversions, psychologically designed to move the subscriber to the next step to that final goal – your commission!
  • Step #2: DRIVE INSTANT ENGAGEMENT: Subscribers are taken to the thank you page and encouraged to view the webinar immediately. The page includes a “local time notice” which helps to drive the subscriber to VIEW NOW.
  • Step #3: INCREASE ANTICIPATION: Subscribers are then taken to a WEBINAR ACCESS page and an active timer counts them into the webinar, increasing anticipation.
  • Step #4: MAKE ATTENDEES STICK: Webinar attendees are encouraged to stay on the webinar with the promise of a special offer and free attendee bonus. A message tells the attendees to wait for the pop-up links.
  • Step #5: PROMOTE PAID PRODUCTS AND ADD URGENCY: A pop-up will appear at your chosen time to make your special paid offer, and a top banner countdown timer adds urgency to encourage a quick purchase and tip over the fence sitters – the special offer (product) link will disappear when the counter hits zero. This gives you a great opportunity to “re-open” the offer in your email follow up series. When the webinar finishes Easy Pro Webinars does not stop promoting – a large call to action message is posted on the screen and an animated background is used as a “disrupter” to grab the viewer attention.

Generate automated webinars at the click of a button. You are no longer held back by extortionate monthly fees, lack of presentation skills, lack of expensive video software or not having your own products. Get Easy Pro Webinars Right Now.

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