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DFY Bonus Suite is a personal WordPress bonus page templates + training on using bonuses to increase your affiliate conversions.

Using bonuses to increase affiliate sales up to 5x.. Or more. If you’re promoting products as an affiliate marketer, you NEED to be offering your visitors bonuses if they buy from your affiliate links. Most Vendors Give Their Affiliates Bonuses Because It Drastically Increases Sales. It’s a fact.. when you offer bonuses, more people buy. People love to get extra value (bonuses) when they buy a product.  It can increase your affiliate sales up to 5 times or even more!

It Can Be Complicated To Get Started. You have to design bonus pages that REALLY entice people to buy from you. You need to know where to find high quality bonuses you can give your visitors. You need to know how to auto-deliver bonuses to your customers. You need to know how to quickly re-create bonus pages fast for promoting multiple products. You need to understand “license-rights” for products you buy and give away as bonuses. So… What Are Your Options?

Option 1:  Learn On Your Own: Do you really want to spend the next few months trying to figure out how to do all this on your own?  Is it worth the time and frustration on piecing it all together? Chances are, you’ve already tried and it didn’t work out as well as you hoped. Option 2:  outsource your work: you can outsource all the tasks and hope they do them right and constantly monitor that they are working.  Then you have to trust them with your login details too. Outsourcing requires a lot of time and money to find someone who can do the job the way you want it done.. Or at all. Why put yourself through all that. When you can learn everything you need to know directly from an experienced, full-time affiliate marketer. Introducing DFY Bonus Suite.

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These bonus pages are smoking HOT with fancy buttons, timers, and more! With DFY Bonus Suite, He’s also providing full step-by-step training that anyone (even a complete newbie) can follow to drastically boost their affiliate sales. Inside DFY Bonus Suite, You will learn:

  • How to set up your very own WordPress bonus website.
  • How to easily import his 4 WordPress bonus pages.
  • How to edit and customize the bonus pages.
  • How and where to get high quality bonuses.
  • How to auto-deliver bonuses to your customers.
  • How to use Dropbox to store and share bonuses.

If you’ve been struggling with making affiliate sales then I suggest you jump on DFY Bonus Suite today and take advantage of the 83% discount being offered.

See More AT: https://dope-review.com/dfy-bonus-suite-review/

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