By: tranllong1 | November 09, 2020

Clide is a powerful web-app that allows you to find EXPIRED domains that are STILL posted on Wikipedia, YouTube, BBC, and Quora.

Can you imagine that? Having a REAL backlink from Wikipedia! Or from Quora? Or the BBC? Or a LIVE link from the description area of a YouTube video that is STILL getting hundreds or even THOUSANDS of views a day? Over time, the owners tend to forget to renew the domain of many of their links. Channels rise and fall, and video creators will generally shift to newer, more popular trends. But these long-forgotten videos still generate traffic. And if you can take over that domain… then you can send that traffic wherever you want.

This creates an opportunity for us marketers. An opportunity that would allow you to legally get access to websites with high volumes of traffic, and start redirecting the visitors to YOUR links. Which means, you can start effectively hijacking free traffic from others hard work. You Might Be Thinking This Is Great, But How To Find The Expired Domains? After all. If this was so great, everyone would be doing this to get traffic. The reality is, it’s typically more work than simply purchasing a domain and redirecting the traffic to your links. The hardest part is FINDING the domain, and a domain with a high volume of traffic in your desired niche.

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This is sure a tedious task, considering there are billions of domains out there. Some might consider it like finding a needle in a haystack. I’d say it’s more like finding a 24 karat diamond in a dumpster. But don’t worry, because they’ve come up with a solution that simplifies everything. They Thought, Why Don’t They Make Software That Automates Away The Hard Work? Clide makes hijacking these valuable domains simple and easy. The newer version comes with additional state-of-the-art features.

Here’s how Clide works:

  • Step 1: Input Your Target Keyword. The in-built keyword engine will let you turn that single keyword into dozens of additional keywords that you may not have thought about.
  • Step 2: Select Whether You Want To Take Traffic From YouTube Or Wikipedia.
  • Step 3: Hit “Start”. Clide will scour your chosen sites to find available domains that you can register for less than $10.
  • Step 4: Register The Domains And Redirect The Traffic. Send the traffic to any of your niche sites or offers.

With how expensive traffic generation is getting, I know that a lot of you guys would really appreciate this super-efficient way of getting extra traffic for your niche sites or videos. So, Get It Now.

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