By: tranllong1 | June 20, 2019

CoreSEO is the one and only software application that addresses all the optimization requirements that Google has for any website. In fact, it is a total and comprehensive solution for all the SEO updates from Google Updates, including: Fix for Google Panda, Fix for Google Penguin, Fix for Google Core Update (On June 3rd 2019).

Every Source of Traffic Is Awesome But Google Search Is The Mother of Them All. Every Single Search On Google Results In A Visit To A Site! The Impact of Google Is 10x. If you’re not developing a content strategy for your business you are leaving a vulnerability exposed.

What you need is a simple, wholesome, content oriented strategy and some basic changes that Google wants you to do. While You Were Too Busy Taking Shortcuts The Bigger Media Houses Stole All The Traffic. Yes, the ‘gurus’ showed you the shortcuts and you took them right into oblivion. No you can’t succeed that way. The big corporations were smarter. They drilled into the content strategies created by maverick content superstars and adopted the correct strategies. Result, smaller creators who had all the web traffic were overwhelmed and dominated. But this has changed again.

The good news: Now is the best time to get back into Search marketing because Google’s newest ‘Core’ update has opened up the market to smaller website owners in a single sweep. But, Google’s Newest ‘Core’ Update Is The Opportunity You Were Waiting For.

On June 3rd 2019, Google made a massive change to its core algorithm. They call it the ‘Domain diversity update’ and what it did was, derank all the sites who were hogging up all the keyword rankings by perfect optimization. Yes, they want more domains to show up in search results, so they just changed their algo to not favor a single website for any niche.

Result? Top sites which had been hogging all the top spots on Google got deranked. Here’s a live example. Dailymail a top website that dominated search results lost 50% of its traffic right after Google Core. This is a Search opportunity the likes of which hasn’t shown up in more than 5 years. An opportunity to be found in search again, because a lot of more keywords, a lot more niches just opened up for you. Domain Diversity Is The Biggest Game Changer In Search!

But, Google’s Newest ‘Core’ Update Is The Opportunity You Were Waiting For. Do You Even Know Where To Start This Process? The SEO world is crazy. It requires a lot of research to get the right answers, and the fiverr backlinkers will not bother to do that for you. Nope, most of the people you hire online can only deliver junk backlinks. What you need is a real solution created by true experts. Introducing CoreSEO.

All you needs to do is give CoreSEO your URL and it will analyze the site and in a matter of seconds, prepare a recommendation sheet that tells you what’s wrong and exactly what you need to fix. Important : Everyone in content marketing is actually looking for this solution right now! They need it to overcome the latest powerful update from Google called Google Core. You need SEO traffic if you’re really serious about your business. Don’t let your competitors take away this advantage too. One-time price is only during the sale. It’ll go to yearly recurring with a hefty price increase right after the sale ends. Get It Now.

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