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Contractor Marketing Suite Vol.2 is a set of videos, landing pages and social media content in 3 contractor niches: Fencing Contractor, Plumber and Electrician.

In each niche, there are: 1 Commercial Whiteboard Video with PowerPoint template, 1 Explainer Whiteboard Video with PowerPoint Template, 1 High-Converting Landing Page with Ready-to-Use Copy and Images, 15 Social Media Images. All of them are filled with high-quality content and images. You can edit them with your client’s details in literally minutes. Being a combination of experience, professional copywriting and expert designs, Contractor Marketing Suite Vol.2 is created to generate leads for contractors and convert them to customers!

When it comes to offering marketing services, choosing the right local business niches to target is important. Knowing to whom to market your services can result in a much higher chance of success. And if you’re wondering, one of my favorite niches is Contractor! Contractors are great clients to work with because: It’s easy to contact the business owners, They have high value per customer, They have a huge demand for high-quality leads, They’re open in communication and easy to negotiate with

And More Importantly Contractors Are Ideal Clients Because Most of Them Are Not Doing Marketing The Right Way! Sometimes It’s Not Because They Don’t Know About Modern Marketing But Because They Simply Can’t Afford It. Why? Because creating high quality marketing content can be HARD.

Contractor Marketing Suite Vol.2 Review

A good video has to grab the attention, be informative & memorable, and provide a strong call-to-action while staying short and sweet! A Good Landing Page should provide all the necessary information, be visually appealing, have proper call-to-action, and look good in all devices. And a social media profile need to provide engaging, useful, good-looking content that is branded with the business and stay consistent all the time. Such high-quality marketing materials may cost thousands of dollars to create, and usually goes way beyond most local contractor’s marketing budget. What If You (Yes, YOU) Can Provide Professional Marketing Solutions at a Reasonable Price that Every Contractor Can Afford? Introducing Contractor Marketing Suite Vol.2.

Local contractors are happy to pay $297 per video, $197 per landing page and $97-$145 per month for social media management. With Contractor Marketing Suite Vol.2, you can sell all of these services with little to no efforts. It is just released and Dawn is offering a crazy price.

Remember, time is their most valuable asset in life because it is the only thing that doesn’t replenish. So use the little time you have available to instead use the materials they’ve worked hard to bring to you! To make it a complete no-brainer. Check out Contractor Marketing Suite Vol.2, An Easy and Fast Way for You to Solve All These Problems and Get Paid Big Bucks. Get It Now.

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