By: tranllong1 | December 08, 2020

AffiliBooster is a WordPress plugin that allows users to turn any image on their site into a commission generator by allowing visitors to shop from right inside an image.

Are You Frustrated with Your Affiliate Earnings? Everyone wants to start generating income online. BUT, for most people, it’s an uphill battle. You build affiliate websites, promote products, but You never seem to make any affiliate commissions. What If the Solution was Right In Front Of You. What if you had a completely untapped resource already. Ready for you to take advantage of to increase your commissions. And all it took was about 5 minutes to activate on your site!

How would you like to be able to activate hidden commissions right on your site With just a few simple changes And have software to AUTOMATED it for you. Introducing AffiliBooster.

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3 Simple Steps Is All It Takes:

  • Step 1: Choose Your Image: Simply choose any image on your site that you would like to add affiliate products to.
  • Step 2: Add Affiliate Products To the Image: Add any affiliate products you would like to the image.  You can promote ANY affiliate program you would like.
  • Step 3: Let It Do the Work. With the click of a button AffiliBooster will turn your image into a sales machine by allowing people to shop right from the image.

It allows you to add linking “Hot Spots” onto any image. When a website visitors clicks on a hot spot within the image they are able to view more info about that product. You can send the visitor to an affiliate product, your own product, or anywhere else you would like.

Shoppable Images allow you to add MULTIPLE affiliate links to ANY image on your site. This cutting edge technology is an easy way to boost your commissions in just a couple minutes. Once you see them in action, you will be blown away. You really need to get this out!

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