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Ad Bridger is the world’s FIRST and only ad compliant 1 click bridge page builder that will allow you to generate THOUSANDS of dollars with your campaigns. It combined one click dynamic technology and ad compliant Bridge pages. Every person that runs any type of paid ads via FaceBook or any other advertising location has a common fear – account termination. The reason being is many people don’t realize its because their isn’t a TOS at the bottom of the page or disclaimers. With Ad Bridger in 1 click you can easily have Legal pages and Bridge pages created.

What if you want full control? Well, great news! Ad Bridger will give you FULL control of your page. From start to finish, anything you want to edit is at your control. Now you can instantly create high converting bridge pages with a single click of a button that automatically make your pages ad compliant so you’ll never have to worry about getting banned.

FaceBook has been an a BAN SPREE these days and anyone who isn’t compliant with them these days are getting shut down. Some people aren’t even sure exactly what they did wrong… but I know! My good friend Dan Dasilva told me this was happening but he also shared the ‘BIG secret’ to stop this from happening to us. He called it ‘ad compliant bridge pages’.

No idea what it was until i actually saw it. This software he developed, in a single click allowed me to become 100% Facebook ad complaint. Whats even crazier is that this software not only created my high converting page for me in a single click but it also created the Terms Of Service pages and all my legal pages needed as well.

Making this the BEST software. Not to mention the drag-n-drop editor if you wanted to use it. I NEED you to see this before its pulled off the market for good in a few days from now – trust me it will be the best software you get your hands on in 2016.

Ad Bridger was designed with ease of use in mind. We knew that hundreds and even thousands of everyday people were getting their accounts shut down because of little ‘oversights’. Dan Dasilva has specifically developed Ad Bridger to ensure your account is SAFER when you are advertising. Aside from it being safer to advertiser, you can finally start seeing SKY HIGH conversions with a tool that everyone is going to need.

  • Cloud Based Servers
  • The World’s First Ad Compliant Bridge Page Creator.
  • 1 Click Page Creator
  • No Monthly Fees
  • 100% Set And Forget Pages
  • Works on ANY PC and ANYONE Can Easily Use This
  • Create your legal pages with your own information.
  • Web 2.0 builder
  • Ad Bridger has a built in HTML Drag-n-drop editor.
  • Smartcode Technology
  • Auto detect your videos rather than using complicated API’s
  • Ad Compliancy
  • Once you create your pages they are yours forever.

I’ve never seen this in all my years online. Something that ACTUALLY gives you the ability to make pages in a single click and is ALSO 100% ad compliant? That can’t exist. Well, i use to think the same thing until I got my hands on this amazing new software. My friend Dan Dasilva has spent hundreds and thousands of dollars on ads through various social media platforms. One thing he found out is that they are BAN CRAZY!

One wrong move and BOOM! You can be shut down, never allowed to come back to their platform. However, this software is the SOLUTION. Not only does it allow you to create high converting ad compliant bridge pages it also allows you to generate thousands of dollars at the same time. How?

These pages are PROVEN to convert. All you have to do is click 2 buttons and BOOM you will have your pages created with high converting products. All you have to do is drive the traffic and thats it! Ad Bridger Click builder has something INCREDIBLE that they’ve developed known as ‘Smart Technology’. If you are using Ad Bridger and grab a video from YouTube or Vimeo you can simply PASTE the link and the builder will detect where its from. Meaning, no more 3rd party integration and trying to figure out how to ‘link’ them.

In one sentence. Ad Bridger is about to change the way the industry Advertises online. Bridge pages are the WAY to go. Smart, Ad compliant bridge pages are even better. Let’s not forget the most important part as well, the SUPPORT. When it comes to Ad Bridger they aren’t building something to simply forget about it 2 months later. They are building out a platform that is going to be used by THOUSANDS of marketers and a platform they will be updating EVERY SINLGE Day. They are here to support every request you have an look to expand on more features in the months to come.

You need to see this before they pull it down for good. If you are serious about changing your life and making REAL money online I cannot stress the importance of Ad Bridger. This is one of those once in a lifetime opportunities that you should NOT miss out on. Check it out here before it too late.

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